February 6th – Up Skills Workshop: Attitude (Langley)

We’re partnering with UP Skills for Work, an organization that helps people develop their key employability skills and grow their confidence.


What are soft skills?

Soft Skills, or “People Skills”, are your individual way of acting and thinking that make it easier to work well with other people.


Why are soft skills important?

Soft skills help workers to be adaptable and motivated in social situations, such as the workplace. They help us navigate our day-to-day interactions and manage new situations, like moving into a new role or career. In other words, they lay the foundation for a strong and flexible workforce and for happy, fulfilled workers.


Attitude Workshop

How do you show your thoughts and feelings through words and actions?

Our attitude has a big impact on how we work with other people. In this workshop, we’ll explore:

– What attitude means and why it is important

– How we show our attitude through our actions, tone and body language

– How to work through all the challenges to having a good attitude when we are at work.



WHEN: Wednesday, February 6th – 10:00am – 12:00pm

WHERE: Avia Employment Services – 101 – 20316 56th Avenue, Langley



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