Avia Newsletter New Clients – Instructions to Subscribe

Need help to subscribe, unsubscribe or manage preferences to Avia Newsletter?

1. Go to the Avia Client Portal at www.aviaemployment.ca/client-portal and choose New Client


2. Enter your Postal Code, and click Continue



3. Enter your information, and click Continue


4. Add your email address and select your preferences. Click Continue


 5. Check if your information is correct, and click Confirm Information


6. Create a password and a security question, and click Save Password



7. Copy your ID and password and keep it in a safe place. You will need this information to access your Client Portal account.



8. You will receive an email with the subject Avia Employment Services – Final Confirmation Required. You need to confirm your wish to start receiving the Avia Newsletter.




9. Click Yes to start receiving g email communication from us. Click Save to Consent & Confirm Your Subscription Settings.





You are all set! Stay tuned for the next Avia Newsletter. You can change your preferences at any time in your Client Portal account (check step by step instructions).