Self Serve Workshops

Avia Employment Services provides free workshops to support you in your job search. You can check the schedule of the upcoming topics by signing-in to our Client Portal.

Not sure which workshop is right for you? Check out the workshop descriptions below to find out more about how Avia can help you.

Effective Resumé and Cover Letters

Was your resume last updated when typewriters were in fashion? This workshop can help create an effective resume and cover letter that will give you great results.

Interview Skills

Do interviews make you nervous? Are you not sure how to best prepare for them? This workshop will tell you what to do before, during and after an interview so that you can get the job.

Job Search Strategies

Have you always used the same job search strategies, but are now finding that they are not getting you the job? Want to add more strategies to your toolkit? This workshop helps you to tap into the hidden job market and find new ways of gaining employment.

Labour Market Information

Heard the buzz around “LMI”, but don’t really know what it means? Knowing your LMI helps you to know what jobs are in demand now and in the future, what employers are really looking for and how best to prepare to meet their needs.

Maximizing Job Search

Feeling like your approach to getting a job is outdated? This workshop will help you take your job search to the next level. Discover new tools and strategies, and explore the wonderful world of social media.

Navigating Post-Secondary Education

Planning to go back to school? This workshop will guide you through the process of successfully navigating educational options, career choices and staying on course when the going gets tough.

Skills and Abilities

Does the question “Tell me about your strengths” always leave you speechless? Come to this enlightening workshop to discover your strengths and how best to present them.

Tips on Surviving a Changing Economy

Is the economy hitting you hard? Discover strategies and resources available in your community that will help support and assist you in achieving your goals.


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