Features of the Avia Client Portal Workshop

 Support your job search with the Avia Client PortalFeatures of the Avia Client Portal

This free resource, provided by Avia Employment Services, will help you on your journey to employment by giving you access to tools, templates and more!

What does it do?

Designed to help you manage your job search,the Avia Client Portal maximizes your opportunities for success in finding employment that is right for you.

Avia Client Portal Features:

Job Profile

Increase your likelihood of getting matched with employment opportunities that are right for you – learn how to set up yours here

Résumé & Cover Letters

Upload your résumé and cover letters to send to potential Employers

Notice Board

Find out about current job postings, workshops, hiring fairs and more


Gain insight into your career decision-making or education planning process

Job Search Tool

Help your job search with tools, templates and resources

Job Board

Manage your applications, capture notes and schedule follow-ups


Enhance your employability and support your job search with free workshops

Community Services

Find information about other services available in your community

How to sign up?

Ask the Resource Room Coordinator about how to sign up, and start your journey to employment today!

Have questions? Please contact one of our Centres.