Career Exploration Workshop

Explore your career options and learn how your skills, abilities and interests can lead to a rewarding job

Career Exploration WorkshopThis workshop will help you choose a career path and take the steps to start a successful job search.

How long is the program?

This five-day workshop runs from Monday to Friday for six hours each day.

Who is Eligible?

If you are considering a new career path, connect with your Case Manager to and out if the Career Exploration workshop is right for you.

Why you should attend?

Finding a new career path can be challenging; with the help of our trained facilitators, you will identify your career goals and learn how to achieve them.

At our Career Exploration workshops you will:

  • Learn new skills, like self-marketing, effective organization, creating action steps, and money and time management
  • Discover what career opportunities are currently available, and which careers are best suited for you
  • Identify your talents and abilities
  • Find out how to connect effectively with employers
  • Increase your self-esteem, and access the job market with new confidence

How to Register

For more information on how to register please contact your Case Manager or visit one of our Avia Employment Services Centres today


Have questions? Please contact one of our Centres.